We work on facilitating the integration of women in development and political processes. We support dialogues, advocacy for women’s and girls’ rights, developing research and indicators related to different aspects of gender dynamics, and capacity building for women leaders.  We also advise clients on ensuring that their operations are gender mainstreamed, and to facilitate engagement with relevant stakeholders and community groups for the purpose. We also engage in research related to electoral norms and processes to advocate for better accessibility of women to political representation.   

Our services in this field include: 

Research & Analysis 

Scenario Development 


Stakeholder Engagement 

Capacity Building

Monitoring & Evaluation

Related Works

Year:  2022 - 2024

Client:  UN Women 

A research, facilitation, and outreach project aims to empower Syrian women in peace processes by enhancing the Women’s Advisory Board's capacity, expanding outreach to women leaders, and developing research for evidence-based policies on women's issues in Syria.

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Date:  05 March 2024

An article explores the impact of gender dynamics on societies at war to derive a deeper understanding of how the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Agenda can reflect its focus on women to shape a more nuanced analysis of conflict drivers. Analyzing territories from a gender lens, it argues for a more nuanced approach to peace negotiations to address the complex dynamics of conflict.


Date:  16-17 December 2023

We participate in The International Conference on Combating Violence Against Women and Girls in Syria, held in Brussels, and organized by the EuroMed Feminist Initiative and funded by SIDA. The conference focused on strategies to address VAWG in Syria, highlighting the need for legal reforms and women's participation in reconstruction efforts.


Date:  18-20 January 2023

The EuroMed Feminist Initiative hosted a three-day meeting  in Paris, reviewing guidelines for gender-sensitive reconstruction in Syria.  We joined with participants to advise on economic reforms. The meeting focused on integrating gender mainstreaming in Syria's reconstruction, covering economic, legal, social, and political aspects, setting a precedent for future initiatives.


Date:  July 2021

Publisher:  UN Women 

A research report explores gender equality and women's rights in Syria, examining perceptions and realities in different regions. It identifies 8 key areas like security, legal rights, and social norms, revealing disparities in gender equality. Findings suggest internalization of inequalities and a shift towards women's public roles, offering insights for future support programs.


Date:  5-7 October 2020

At the high-level virtual conference "The Elders in conversation on women in mediation in the Arab world," held in Wilton Park, UK, over 60 participants discussed the critical role of women in Arab peace processes. Key themes included addressing systemic gender inequalities and enhancing women's roles in high-level mediation.


Date: 01 February 2012

An op-ed criticizes the deep-rooted medieval masculine values in Syrian society, highlighting the negative impact on women's rights. The piece emphasizes the need for genuine political discourse and legal reforms to ensure true democracy and freedom in Syria, advocating for women's rights beyond their portrayal as victims.