Our experts have been involved in a variety of complex architectural and urban design projects.  We bring that expertise in helping clients (from the public and private sectors) to develop clear visions for their projects.  We also help in negotiating and developing local codes, guidelines, and regulatory instruments for the urban built environment.  Our experts have been invited to review and contribute to different competition’ juries and awards, including the prestigious Aga Khan Award for Architecture. 

Our services in this field include: 

Research & Analysis 

Scenario Development 


Stakeholder Engagement 

Capacity Building

Monitoring & Evaluation

Related Works

Date:  2015

Publisher:  Routledge

A Chapter in the book "Urban Design in the Arab World" critiques post-colonial urban design in Arab-Muslim societies, focusing on the role of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. It highlights the struggle between national, ethno-religious identities and local needs in urban planning, emphasizing a trend towards symbolic, idealized representations over community-focused, replicable designs.


Year:  2011 - 2014

Client:  Municipality of Saida , MedCities

A participatory project aimed at strategic urban planning in Saida, Lebanon. It involved community engagement, data collection, and analysis to develop a Strategic Framework and 27 Action Plans, focusing on socio-economic, environmental, and infrastructural improvement in alignment with the city's vision.


Year:  2013 - 2014

Client:  Ministry of Housing , Omrania

A project with the Ministry of Housing in Saudi Arabia to plan new residential communities across the western region of the Kingdom.  The goal is to create livable, service-rich, sustainable communities where residents can build standard or bespoke homes with government support.  

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Date:  2011

Publisher:  Aga Khan Award for Architecture,  Lars Muller Publishers

2 Essays in the book "Implicate & Explicate" discuss the Aga Khan Award for Architecture’s influence in advocating ethical architecture and broadening the understanding of Muslim cultural practices. The essays emphasize the need for broader ethical debates in the field, showcasing the Award's role in highlighting diverse, innovative architectural solutions in the Muslim world.


Year:  2008 - 2011

Client:  GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

A participatory city vision project for Aleppo, Syria, by 2025.  Co-funded by various organizations including GIZ and the World Bank.  We join stakeholders in planning for a city with multiple centers, modern transportation, diverse neighborhoods, and green, compact urban spaces. Additionally, we offer comprehensive communication services, involving community participation, branding, and promoting the project's vision through various media and events.

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