We work on projects that range from urban master plans, historic cities conservation plans, city development strategies, local economic development programs, urban regulations, and urban funding instruments. We also help local authorities to assess their administrative and fiscal procedures, improve their operations, and become more transparent and engaging with their communities. We develop procedures to assess the feasibility of urban planning, land pooling and land management processes. And we help local and national authorities in fine tuning regulatory frameworks for better urban and environmental planning and design. 

Our services in this field include: 

Research & Analysis 

Scenario Development 


Stakeholder Engagement 

Capacity Building

Monitoring & Evaluation

Related Works

Year:  2016 - 2017

Client:  EU - European Union

A research project evaluates urban conditions in Syria using the City Prosperity Index. Covering 41 cities, it assesses aspects like productivity, infrastructure, and governance. Thematic papers delve into economy, governance, housing rights, and gender, highlighting challenges and suggesting post-conflict recovery and unification strategies.


Year:  2011 - 2014

Client:  Municipality of Saida , MedCities

A participatory project aimed at strategic urban planning in Saida, Lebanon. It involved community engagement, data collection, and analysis to develop a Strategic Framework and 27 Action Plans, focusing on socio-economic, environmental, and infrastructural improvement in alignment with the city's vision.


Date: 27 February 2014

A paper explores the transformation of Aleppo's urban landscape, highlighting the impact of Ottoman reforms, French colonialism, and post-colonial statehood. It emphasizes how political, economic, and social shifts have continually reshaped the city, focusing on the interplay between state power, local identities, and urban planning in shaping Aleppo's history and development.


Year:  2008 - 2011

Client:  GIZ - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

A participatory city vision project for Aleppo, Syria, by 2025.  Co-funded by various organizations including GIZ and the World Bank.  We join stakeholders in planning for a city with multiple centers, modern transportation, diverse neighborhoods, and green, compact urban spaces. Additionally, we offer comprehensive communication services, involving community participation, branding, and promoting the project's vision through various media and events.

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