Roadmap for EU Engagement with Syrian Civil Society


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The "Roadmap for EU Engagement with Syrian Civil Society" commissioned by the European Union and developed by Logos Civicus in collaboration with LUGARIT, represents a comprehensive strategy for the EU's involvement with civil society in Syria. This initiative reflects the EU's recognition of the crucial role of civil society in Syria's development and reconstruction.

The Roadmap was created following extensive consultations with a diverse group of civil society representatives and other stakeholders. Its primary goal is to empower local organizations within Syria, enabling them to better serve their communities and contribute to rebuilding Syrian society. The Roadmap outlines specific roles for civic actors, emphasizing the need to build their capacities and ensure their sustainability. It also addresses the major challenges faced by these organizations and proposes ways to overcome them.

Key aspects of the scope of work for the Roadmap's development included forming a reference group with representatives from the EU, donors, international NGOs, and local civil society organizations (CSOs) to guide the process. A thorough mapping of Syrian civil society was conducted, encompassing various networks and thematic areas. The Roadmap assessed the current operating environment for civil society in different Syrian regions, including an evaluation of other stakeholders like community-based organizations, volunteer groups, religious leaders, and more.

The project also involved a critical analysis of the strategic coherence of approaches by EU member states, a review of the EU's engagement with civil society, and an overview of other donors' activities. It identified the strengths, weaknesses, and challenges facing Syrian CSOs.

The drafting of the Roadmap included validating its findings through workshops and developing a dashboard with indicators and benchmarks to track progress and evaluate achievements over time. Additionally, it offered recommendations for enhancing the virtual space for civil society engagement.

The final phase of the project involved presenting the Roadmap to stakeholders, ensuring a collaborative and transparent approach to supporting Syrian civil society.

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